Welcome and thank you for being here!

I'm Rosanna. I live on the edge of the beautiful Durham Dales in the north of England.  I love to walk in the hills, swim in rivers and climb trees. And maybe more than anything... I love music!

So what is Flautino and how did it start? Well, I guess I was one of those weird ones who kept playing the recorder after primary school! I loved it! Maybe not so much the little ones, but the big fat juicy ones.


I did a music degree at King's College London and studied recorders at the Royal College and Royal Academy of Music. I always knew I wanted to perform and teach, BUT I really feel  the recorder is not a good instrument to start off with... it can sound terrible (as I'm  sure you all know!!)! So I use the piano as a gateway into music...  you can't play it out of tune!  I do teach recorders at Newcastle and Durham universities and at The Sage Gateshead, but our music school focuses on starting people off on their musical journeys.

The other side of my life is performing. Take a look at our Events page to find out more about what that involves. My current performance project is Birdbath... head over to that page to learn about my current Dawn Chorus life!

I'd love to connect with you... my Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages are kept up to date and give a glimpse of what we're up to day to day. 

Thanks for visiting!