Live music vs recorded!

Good afternoon and happy new year!

I just sat down to work and went over to Spotify to find something to listen to. I love finding new recorder players to inspire me so I started listening to a guy called Stefan Temmingh ( who plays gorgeously. But I had the same feeling I have whenever I listen to recorder music 'unlive' ... it just deosn't feel right. It's not just the recorder I feel this about ... I think it's anything intimate that creates an experience rather than just sound ... I love folk music but that also feels really wrong to me just from my computer (or stereo, even with good speakers). This kind of music ... I guess my favourite music, need to be experienced live ... so all your senses are affected and you give it all your attention. This is why I find it hard playing background music ... it's the same idea. Some music is perfect to listen to while you're working or pottering around the house, although I have to admit, I nearly always have radio 4 on when I'm pottering rather than music. If I put music on when I first get up it actually jars with me. It might seem weird for a musician, but I guess the music that really matters to me I feel should be given the respect it deserves, and given all my attention. Yep. That makes more sense now I've said it out loud. Sorted.

Have a good day and savour whatever you listen to today!

Rosanna x

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